You only need to see our office walls to know we are highly recommended!

Our office training walls are simply plastered with hundreds of ‘L’ plate testimonials (the picture above is a tiny fraction of them) onced passed your full test with us you get to write your own personal message on your L plate, stick it to walls ceiling or doors, new pupils love to read them! some say trying to write their own personal message is harder than passing their test!. With years of experience and hundreds of passes, you can feel sure you are in good and friendly hands with 1066 Motorcycle training.

James 16 – Passed CBT

I thought the guys at 1066 were great! I felt totally welcome, it was a really chilled and relaxed atmosphere and I completed in the first day. I am definitely doing the rest of my training with them next year!!!

Amy 19 – Passed Standard bike test A2

I really enjoyed doing my training course with 1066. being a little blond! they kept it simply and gave me loads of confidence. the fact i did loads of mod 1 training made the test easy The location is lovely, loads of thanks to the girls in the offiice making me laugh and loads of coffee!! and then the guys! they’re nice too! lol

Steve 42 – Passed Direct Access Bike Test (DAS)

I passed my bike test back in the 80’s! changed my licence, and didn’t realised they hadn’t put the bike category on! Dooh! after loads of calls to the DVLA the told me they had no records of my test! bottom line redo the test! DOOH!!

Neil explained the system we needed to do to get my licence back, he also convinced me that i would learn loads of new skills to become a better rider, well i passed mod 1 and mod 2 with Zero faults!! and now with my new Intruder, i am a happy bunny! oh, i had a real laugh and also i have met some great new friends, ride on!

Jeff 52- VIP Training Direct Access training

I have loved bikes for years but always been to busy too get my test done, I looked around for a 1 to1 training course and found 1066 VIP course, it was tailor made for me and worked around my busy schedule, he even helped me getting the right protective clothing and safety helmet, they were very professional and i passed both tests first time. Thank you 1066

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