Neil Brennan-Wright

Owner, CBT, DAS, Enhanced rider Instructor, ADI car and trailer instructor and general dogsbody!

I have been a motorcycle instructor for over 15 years and have been riding for dare I admit nearly 30 years.

A brief history about myself and 1066 motorcycling

Studied Horology (clock Making) worked for over 10 years in and around the UK, worked in the palace of Westminster up keeping/restoring their or should I say our lovely clocks including Big Ben, and most of the prestigious clocks around London, since most of the work involved travelling in London and the rest of the country, the birth of my second son Kristian getting up at 5am working all day then sitting on the M25 until 8pm getting home tired then sleep and the alarm going off again! (ground hog day) a long earned family trip to Australia for a month, this was a pivotal point of my life, and decided that I was going to quit the rat race and decided to give motorcycle training a go full time! (I was teaching people to ride on a part time basis)

So with the quitting of a well paid job, money was tight and I had to use my Kawasaki KE 125 cc and took over the payments of a friend’s 600cc bike and 1066 was born!

We now have over 40 bikes of various styles and sizes.

Things were different in the beginning, starting from riding bikes to and from home and to various car parks, there had to be another way!

While riding around I found Sidley goods yard disused and neglected I approached Rother District Council and with a lot of persuasion and various planning applications, We got it!

1066 was starting to run as a professional training school, my philosophy was simple, a Good training venue, Safe and secure, Instructors who want to be instructors and to incorporate fun in the training.

Over the years training there have been huge changes in the motorcycle training and testing and I like to say we have been at the forefront of training ideas and implemented them in a safe and common sense way.

2013! wow what a year! after all the will it or won’t it the government decided that the would fund and  start the new Bexhill to Hastings Link road, great news! …..Apart from it ran straight though our training site! so with our lease not being renewed, new premises needed to be found, and this is where we are now, The old bexhill high school, Down road Bexhill,

Its still a full time site with plenty of space, its now what we call home.

I would like to say a big thank you to my family and friends who have helped and put up with me through the times of setting up and running of 1066, without them it would never have happened!

Steve McGuiness

Full / Part time CBT Instructor

Steve has been working with us for about a year now, coming through 1066 instructor course, Steve has a had a varied career, the last being a secondary school teacher, very calm and enthusiastic is our steve, loves riding his Ducati Multi strader


Nigel Falkner B.A. (hons) Dip.Arch.              Dip RoSPA

CBT…..DAS and ERS Instructor

Nigel has been with us now for 4 years and he brings a wealth of years riding experience.

Nigel’s approach to training is methodical and clear in the instructions and briefings, attention to detail is important with Nigel.

Gary Davis-Miller

Full time Instructor CBT and DAS

Gary Has been with me for 2 years now, Gary has come from a pharmaceutical background (not drug dealing!) although we do joke about it with him, sales and marketing, wanting a change of lifestyle he came to us to learn to be a instructor, he picked it up really quickly and with his love of motorcycles has great enthusiasm towards teaching and works well on all levels 16 to 70’s always enthusiastic whether doing CBTs or Das lessons


In the office! and 1st class dogs body!


Welcome to steff, always smiling you’ll see her in the office Monday – Saturday mornings, sorting out the money and general bookkeeping! She makes sure all the bikes are taxed and mot’ed and that all tests are named and booked. She also helps to coordinate customer care and marketing, oh and kicks the instructors in line! : )

The 1066 logo was drawn as a gift for me by Michael Martin who was a very early pupil and he draws Fred Bassett for the Daily Mail. 2016 saw Sam Martin, Michael Martins son pass his full bike test.

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