we revised our pricing structure for training, we are still able to offer intensive courses or organic pay as you go training.


CBT  Day course including Bike hire                                                                            £125.00

CBT  Retake including bike hire                                                                                    £115.00

CBT  Retake on your bike                                                                                                £110.00

CBT  1 to 1 pupil to instructor ratio (week days only)                                                £200.00

CBT pre training and taster session (min 2 hrs)   @                                                  £30.00 p/h

Full course Training

Intensive course training

3 Day course (3 days @4hrs per day, includes )1st mod 1 and mod 2 test fee       £525.00

(Recommended for experienced riders only, its short but intense!)

4 Day course (4 days@ 4hrs per day, includes )1st mod 1 and mod 2 test fee       £665.00

(Recommended for people with some riding experience and confident)

5 Day Course (5 days@ 4hrs per day, includes )1st mod 1 and mod 2 test fee       £800.00

(The industry Standard and our recommended intensive course for most riders)


Organic Training,  Pay as you go, hourly lessons.

£35.00 p/h

This is our preferred way of training, normally undertaken in 2 or 4 hour sessions it gives a good balance of training understanding where you learn at your own speed without the pressure of tests at the end of the week.

cost is £35.00 p/h includes bike and equipment hire and fuel (no hidden Extras) these lesson are based on 2 pupils to one instructor however if your lesson is booked and you are the only pupil you only pay £35.00 p/h

1 to 1 instruction

£60.00 p/h

If  you require 1 to 1 instruction for what ever your reasons we can accommodate!

VIP Training….The Martini course…..(Any time any Place !)

You want the best time ever ? Really fun training and exclusive 1 to 1 with the boss!  Neil (note its Personal,  confident and emotional! : ) ) includes a ride up to london for lunch at the fabulous Bike shed club. call me! Totally tailered to you, like it says, any time any place! i’ll make it happen!

£100 P/h

2017 Discounts

At 1066 Motorcycle Training we like to help, Coming off that tour of duty? limited time? No problem we be ready for you!  plus and we also offer a 10% discount for all test training for the:

  • The Armed Forces
  • The NHS
  • The Police

Think you may be entitled to a discount as well? Call us to find out!

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