Passenger / Pillion Traning

Pillion (bakkie) or passenger riding is different from normal riding.

Taking somebody on the back for the first time or in fact anytime is a great responsibility, and not to be taken lightly! they will be the most important cargo you will ever have to carry.

With the correct training it is a great experience for yourself and for your passenger! in fact I married mine!

Like all of our training we tailor it to you, these are some of the things we work with you!

We check out your solo riding,

Duty of care to your pillion! correctly fitting helmet and protective clothing,

Practical pillion riding / training with an instructor as the pillion.

Various slow controlling exercises and faster emergency stops.

After finishing this course you will be a far more confident rider, don’t leave this to chance, give your passenger a smoother pleasant confident ride!

As with all our courses, I give you the 1066 guarentee, if you dont think you have learnt anything, I’ll give you your money back!

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