This is a brief insight into what we can offer you so that you can become a motorcycle instructor.

Whether you want to be a down-trained instructor working within an established school, are looking for a career change or if you are looking to set up a new business, 1066 motorcycle instructor training can help you fulfil your ambitions! The rewards are very satisfying; from issuing your first CBT certificate to your last full test pass.

You will need to learn to adapt your instruction to suit a range of pupils from a rider who has been riding for years but has not taken a test to a complete novice who has always wanted to ride but is very nervous. You will need to be able to identify problems with riding techniques and explain ways of correcting them. The quality of your instruction and delivering it with confidence are of key importance – taking a 16 year old on the road for the first time is a huge responsibility!

Whatever your reason for wanting to be an instructor, you can feel confident that the training you receive from us is technically correct and works well in real life situations.

Effective Motorcycle Instructor courses take time, unfortunately there are no short cuts.
Our courses last two weeks (full time), 6 days a week and are based on theory and practical teaching methods as well as your own personal riding techniques. We also offer work placements to help you hone your skills.

Bike sales are increasing, middle age riders are wanting to get back on their bikes and there is an abundance of young riders wanting to do CBT’s. Also, looming fast is the new motorcycle laws for EC so there has never been a better time to become an instructor.

Military career retraining,

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Not only do we want you to enjoy the fun of learning 2 ride a motorcycle/moped, we hope your have a really fun day with us.

Embracing the rain, training carries on!

Who are 1066 motorcycle training?

“Hi I am Neil, owner of the 1066 Motorcycle Training and 1066 Moto (car division). I first started training on a part time basis at the age of 19! This was before the introduction of CBT when it used to be part 1 training. My profession by trade is a horologist, (clock maker) and I specialised in large clocks, The Great Clock (Big Ben) and the clock at the Royal Court of Justice and the Star Pier Clock in Hong Kong, just to name a few. After the birth of my son and a family trip to Australia, the thought of going back to doing 10 hours a day and then being stuck on the M25 for hours wasn’t appealing! So I decided a career change to full time motorcycle instructor would offer a better way of life!

So with no real money behind me, I brought a cheap Kawasaki KE125 and took over the payments of my mates Yamaha Thunder cat. I started CBT training in a school car park and off we went! Now the monster is taking over with over 30 bikes and our own off road training venue. The concept is still the same, good quality training at a sensible price, not teaching people to pass their test but to ride competently in a busy road environment. Once they can do that, passing the test is easy!

Twenty years on “do I still enjoy training?” No, I love it!

I still get the buzz when people pass their test.

I hope you get the buzz!


What do I need to be a motorcycle Instructor?

    • A full UK Motorcycle Driving licence held for more than 3 years, with no more than 3 points on your licence.
    • No pending or criminal convictions.
    • Personality, without doubt, personality can make the whole learning practice more enjoyable, and if its fun people will tell others.
    • Patience and understanding! Remember the last time you had to learn something new and you were nervous?The rest we can teach!

Course itinerary

  • CBT its law and regulations
  • CBT training, learning theory and lots of practical training, and then lots more practical training
  • Riding techniques and methods, fault finding
  • CBT, Raising standards
  • Training with groups x4 (CBT max 1 to 4 ratio)
  • Theory test training
  • First aid, motorcycling related injuries
  • CBT returns and general office administration the Driving standards Agency (DSA) require
  • Equipment and how to use it (working with VOX or PTT)
  • Road ride instruction (Min 2 hour road ride pupil rotation)
  • Full course training (Standard or Direct Access)
  • Direct Access training (moving up from 125cc to big bike)
    Training for the 2009 off road training exercises
  • Myself and Kevin My senior instructor will undertake all of your
    Training, we have undertaken many instructors
    Who have gone on to run successful schools
    Of their own

Instructor Experience Day

We run an experience day, quite simply, you spend a day with a group of other potential instructors and we talk about becoming a instructor, work possibilities, or even your setting up your own school. We give an overview and introduction to the course with simple instruction tasks, we have a little look at your riding then at the end of the day I sit down with each instructor and have a 1 to 1 going over the various tasks we have done. The advantage is that there’s only a small outlay, you can make sure this is what you are wanting and you are happy with what we offer. The cost is £75.00 including lunch. When you carry on to the Instructor full course your £75.00 is discounted off the total price.

Motorcycle Instructor Training

Cost and availability

Instructor Experience Day – £100.00 includes equipment use, lunch

Experience Day course Call or email for Availability

12 day Instructor course – £1850 (Cardington CBT certified Instructor)Includes, all training, Equipment use, literature, lunch, Insurance

Already down trained? Want to do Cardington test. Call for prices.

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