Welcome to our new updated website for 2018


Quite a few changes have taken place since we did our original web site, including new testing regulations, testing centres and even our training venue! we have had some staff changes however the values has stayed the same! Great training in a fun and informative manner with a hint of humour!.
I hope you enjoy the web site and you find it informative! and remember we are at the end of a phone always happy to explain and talk.

It may be a blast from your past, or a dream you thought might never happen, a time of independence, whether you are turning 16 and riding to and fro to college, or that life changing moment, when it hits you, and you think hey this could be fun!  Whether emerging from a divorce or a time to say goodbye to endless car journeys, your mortgage paid off, the time has never been so right to visit us and learn to ride at 1066 motorcycle training.

Not only are you taught to ride but you will meet a like minded circle of friends. You may wish to join us here at 1066 for rides out, including night rides and trips to the continent.

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